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A Digital Renaissance in the Classroom

Projected on a large screen in front of the classroom, the students will see a clear image of the teacher. The teacher will be heard clearly, with volume levels adjustable from both the broadcasting and receiving end. Also visible to the students will be an electronic white board on which the teacher can write or type, post a Word document, PowerPoint, spreadsheet or graphics.

On the teacher's screen will be four quadrants displaying four classrooms, each from a different school. The teacher will have realtime interaction with students from any one of the classrooms. The students can ask questions and get answers as in a live classroom; the main difference being that the teacher can teach in four different schools simultaneously.

The above method is meant to maximize the number of schools that would benefit from the Computer Studies instruction without compromising on quality, while at the same time using a learning method that is both innovative and relevant to the subject.

Reaching the Last-Mile Zone Schools using VSAT Technology

With the coming of fibre optics, it will now be possible to bridge in a lot of schools with information technology. However, there will be schools in the last-mile zone that will need satellite technology, an option tailored for the most remote zones, to include them in the digital renaissance. Our goal is to propose and provide solutions for every school, regardless of their location. Our communication with relevant Kenyan authorities in IT shows that this is already a viable and affordable option ready to be put to use.