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"The substance of genius is knowledge; the soul of genius is its ability to inspire"

~ SpotBeam ~

Beamers is a network of dreamers and doers composed primarily of Diaspora Kenyans and friends of Kenya, with an interest in "paying our success forward" to inspire the genius in students through the SpotBeam project. Be a part of something great and help transform Kenya's youth into a generation of innovators and creative achievers.

Remember your experience as a student sitting nerve-wracking national exams in Kenya? 66% of high school graduates join the ranks of "failures" annually, their potential suppressed and forgotten. SpotBeam is an initiative that seeks to inspire the genius in every student through innovative learning.

The Beamers Network will also help you spark, rekindle or keep alive your own genius and talents by interacting with other Beamers, and most important, your contribution will inspire a student and change a nation. Beamers is open to persons of all nationalities. Join us today!

P.O. Box 213
Garrett Park, MD  20896
Tel: (202) 247-5660 / (202) 378-7950

P.O. Box 21729-00505
Nairobi, Kenya
Tel: (254) 0727 170 037

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I would like to "pay my success forward" and inspire a student by:

   Attending Beamers Network events.
Activities: Dinners, Speakers forum, film screening, etc
Goal: To build a diaspora Beamers network that will support innovative learning and inspire student genius in Kenya.
Action: Financing noteworthy student innovations and creative works.

   Making a contribution to the e-Learning project.
Goal: To build a video-conferencing network that will provide 21st century technology to Kenya's high schools and open up the global frontier to students especially in remote areas.
Action: Financing the construction of an e-learning lab in a specific school.